Paarl Valley Archery Club

Club practice sessions occur during opening hours.  During this time an instructor will be available to assist archers and see to range safety.

Regular coaching and private lessons taught by our club coaches and instructors are an important aspect of keeping on top of your game.

During these supervised sessions, structured in such a way that archers gets personal attention from an instructor, more attention is given to improving all aspects of an archer’s archery. This is part of the club coaches and instructors functions but is charged separately from the membership fees. Coaches and instructors pay for the use of club equipment and charge archers under instruction a certain fee.

The feathers and arrows evaluation is the natural progression of the archer following the “Give it a go”. This program allows the archer to develop skills which will eventually make it easy to enter into the formal competition arena. The program is split into two sections namely the “feathers” and the “arrows” section. The “Feathers” are designed for archers 12 years and younger and the “Arrows” for archers 13 years and older. Each section then has certain levels and each level is assessed after a number of practice / coaching sessions. Achievement is rewarded with a color coded badge. Two Feather badges are awarded the Red feather at 6m and the Gold feather at 8m. The Arrow badges are colored similarly to a FITA target and so the first one will be white then black, blue, red and yellow (gold) awarded at distances from 10m up to 26m. This program further aims to develop skills in scoring, skills development as well as knowledge and technical ability.

A Novice shoot can be a club or inter-club fun competition and done at 30 meters and 20 meters, with some fun incorporated. There is a “Round Robin” which is a timed, team exercise. Another activity is the “Robin Spot” which simply the shooting of two arrows at the target, the closest arrow to the + (called x) turns the archer into ROBIN…. Prepare for upsets oh ye confident ones.

Occasionally club members get together for a more formal shoot. The intention of this shoot is to introduce beginner archers to archery competition conditions, rules and scoring procedures . Overseen by the club coaches and instructors these shoots demonstrate the various formats competitions could have.
These shoots also prepare the beginner archers for the more formal archery training and assessment program called the “Feathers and Arrows” program. This program is presented by the coaches and instructors as part of member training. This program is SANAA approved and carry formal accreditation and acknowledgement.

A league shoot is a shoot which is conducted according to a formal FITA or IFAA standard but scores can not be used for provincial or national colours applications. Full SANAA members have the opportunity to upload these scores onto the “members only” page of the SANAA website.
A League Shoot is an activity intended to introduce club members to formal archery competitions. Conducted more formally than club shoots, a league shoot is conducted, scored and judged properly, but with development in mind – not absolutism. Mistakes are used for learning opportunities and training purposes.
We intend designing a ranking system for novices intended to promote a person from the novice league to the intermediate league.
A league shoot carries a cost to the participants. Personal scores and progress over time is recorded by the organizers and made available to the individual participants. Achievement buttons are awarded for certain scores. Collecting the buttons and measuring ones progress in this way is very satisfying. Especially after you’ve missed a next button with one or two points!!!!