We want to provide a stable archery environment to our members, whether they are beginners, novices or experts. 

We want to provide an environment where children can develop the skill and discipline needed to become the greatest archers they can be and where adults can come to develop, or hone, their skills in the peaceful environment

Anyone who can draw a bow can join!  Youngsters aged eight and up usually are able to do this but should be assessed first.  Under certain Circumstances (families joining) younger archers are accepted, this is exceptional however since their muscular development may prevent these youngsters from drawing a bow decently and progressing acceptably, discouraging them needlessly. Each family will have to give it a go and discuss equipment for such young archers with the instructors.

We have enough space for these youngsters to use their own equipment and plug away at a kiddies target under parental supervision. Parental and children’s obedience to range rules is critical however since arrows do have the potential to cause injury.

Membership forms are available under the DOCUMENTS page of this website.